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Private Class


Are you in need of working more on your technique and self- confidence to perform well with the rest of the class? Then let ́s meet and get you on track!


How does it work?

This class is meant for one person, at a cost of 485 DKK for 1 h. A maximum of 2 participants is recommended at once. With each additional participant over the first, there is a 150 DKK discount on the overall charge. If you are one person only please proceed to “Book “. If you are going to be two, please specify.


For more information, please click on “Description” down below 


Private Class #1



Sometimes when participating in a big group class there is not enough time for teachers to go into details with each participant. The focus is more on the group instead of the individual. That’s why private classes can be a really good option for getting individual guidance.


When to take private lessons

-If you think there was a turn, or step you haven’t learned/understood correctly

-If you missed one or more class and need to catch up

-If you would like to work more on style and/or musicality

-If you would like to work more with coordination

-If you are ready to be more challenged


Sound interesting? Contact us and let ́s agree on where and when to meet. We look forward to dancing with you!

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