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Private Class Package (5 hours)


Unlike 1-h hour private class, we recommend the 5-hour package if time and budget allow. This package gives you the opportunity to work more on specific areas. We make a class plan based on what you want to rehearse. We’ll personalize your lessons in order to meet your goals, while having fun!


How does it work?

This package is meant for one person including 5 hours at a cost of 1875 DKK . A maximum of 2 participants is recommended per class. If you are 2 persons, then it will be 1575 DKK per person for 5 hours private class. If you are one person only please proceed to “Book a class”. If you are going to be two, please specify.


For more information, please click on “Description” down below


Private Class Package (5 hours) #1



When to take the Private Class Package (5 hours)

-If you are a beginner dancer and want to learn by yourself before starting a group class

-If you already started one of our classes, missed one or more classes, and need to catch up

-If you want to work on your style

-If you need more time for practicing musicality and/or coordination

-If you feel that you are ready to learn more complex moves, combining Salsa with other dance styles like Rumba, Cha-cha-cha or reggaetón


Sounds like something for you? Then contact us! We look forward to dancing with you!