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Salsa Partner Intermediate 2

If you are joining this level is because you are in control of the basic Salsa steps and some of the must-know figures like for example, setenta simple, 70, 71 and 72. As well as Basílala, Enchufla and Enchufla Doble. At this class, we will keep on working with timing and continue learning new steps and figures. These variations can be used late on when dancing with a dance partner.


When: Every Tuesday

Time: From 20:20-21:20

Place: Gymnasievej 21, 4600 Køge

Instructor: Reinier Leme and Susanne


Benefits: If you want to get the best out of your Membership, then we will recommend you to purchase the Premium Plan or Student Plan-Premium. This plan gives access to participate unlimited in all the classes you want every month including  50 DKK discount on parties. Click HERE to become a Member today





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