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Salsa Partner Beginners

Salsa/ Casino is a dance that was created fairly recently with the mixture of many different styles and musical techniques that all came together in Cuba. The intoxicated gender can be executed in three different ways: Solo Dance/Free Style where normally one dances alone in a line, as in the case of the Ladies’ Style or Footwork classes. Partner Work, which is perfect when going out dancing socially with your dance partner. And Rueda de Casino, danced in a big circle. There is always one person calling the moves/figures and most of these moves/figures involve the swapping of a partner. Rueda de Casino is great fun!


Beginners level is for you who never tried Dancing Cuban Salsa/Casino before. For you icebreakers in love with the Latin rhythms, here we go! You will be thought from scratch, and on each class, if you are ready to move on, you will learn a new step and/ or a figure.


When: Every Tuesday

Time: From 18:00-19:00

Place: Gymnasievej 21,4600 Køge

Instructor: Reinier Leme and Susanne


Benefits: If you want to get the best out of your Membership, then we will recommend you to purchase the Premium Plan or Student Plan-Premium. This plan gives access to participate unlimited in all the classes you want every month including 50 DKK discount on parties. Click HERE to become a member today




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