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Summer Dance School in Spain 2019


NEWS!!! Summer Salsa School in Mataró-Barcelona from the 13th to the 22nd of July 2019. This time we have two nights in Barcelona City before heading to Mataró beach town!!!


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NEWS!!! Summer Salsa School in Mataró-Barcelona from the 13th to the 22nd of July 2019. This time we have two nights in Barcelona City before heading to Mataró beach town!!!

The Program when you click on “Book Now” The price of 10.500 DKK includes:

Info meeting

Flight ticket, including return flight

Accommodation including tourist Tax

Transportation, including return transfer

Shared, double, standard room


Dance course from the 13th to the 19th of July Payment to the teachers and rental of the dance school Tourist Tax

Note: The Summer Salsa School is a collaboration of La Perla Experience and Dalhoff member of the “Rejsegarantifonden”/ Travel Guarantee 2121, Dance School La Clave in Mataró and The New Hostel in Mataró.

The program will cover the following topics:

*Topic 1 Why Mataró-Barcelona. “Two cultures on Fire”

*Topic 2 Why choose the Summer Salsa School?

*Topic 3 Program Description. Extra Costs

*Topic 4 Payment Procedure

*Vocabulary (words to know)

 1 Why Mataró-Barcelona?

We discovered Mataró – the little, hidden gem of Spain – and immediately felt at home in this small, beach city north of Barcelona. A long promenade with palms trees, a lovely beach just across the street and the warmth of the locals captured our attention and heart. The good vibes of the Salsa School La Clave, which we will cooperate with while visiting Mataró, equally impressed us.

2-Why choose the Summer Salsa School?

To become a better dancer

Barcelona and Mataró city have numerous dance schools, each with their unique personality. There are clubs for all kinds of tastes and levels: starters, intermediates and advanced students. At La Clave Dance School, you can book extra dance workshops where you can dance with the other Spanish students, experience fun Latino nights, and immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of dance and local life.

Close to our hostel in Mataró, we have Salsa Republic Latino Club and La Clave. Both clubs open late night and play not only Salsa but also Bachata, reggaetón and Kizomba.

Whether at Dance Club, dancing with locals at the drop-in workshops or at the Intensive Morning Dance Course, we aim for you to become a better dancer.

Because of our accommodation and its location

At the local city hostel, you will be sure to experience a pleasant stay. You will also be able to enjoy the swimming pool (in front of the beach) at the sports complex that works in collaboration with the hostel by paying a small fee. The charming accommodation is located close to shops and restaurants and is just a few meters from Mataró Beach. At the beach restaurants, you will be able to enjoy locally sourced, traditional Spanish seafood.

Because it is easy to get around

Our location is situated less than 30 minutes from the cosmopolitan Barcelona city. The Renfe is running all day, every 15 minutes until 23:00. Getting around the city is easy. You can choose either the metro or buses. In Mataró city, almost everything is located within walking distance. You will also have the possibility of renting a bike and cycling around, just as we do in Denmark!

Because everything is arranged for you

This Summer Salsa School has been put together with the intention of offering something different for you dance lovers of all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and adventurers. We want you to experience and become a part of something unique. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant stay, build up relations with other Danish participants and meet locals in Spain.

To ensure the preparation of your trip runs smoothly, we have arranged it in collaboration with Dalhoff Travel Agency and the New Hostel Colon in Mataró to book your flight tickets and hotel- transfers. Our accommodation also includes breakfast.

No excuses for you not to chill and be happy!

3-Program Description. Included in the Summer Salsa School and price Arrival

The 13th of July 2019, we will be flying to Barcelona. After you have checked into your rooms, we will have an informal group meeting just to get a brief update on what to expect in the upcoming days. We will arrange a table for our group where we can go and have dinner. After that, be ready. It’s time to dance!

NOTE: Every morning after breakfast and before going to La Clave Dance School, we will have an info meeting where we will talk about what will happen after dance lessons. Be aware that you can sign up for extra activities after Dance lessons. We could plan diving, biking going to Barcelona city and visiting the great city center, or just chilling by the beach! We could also take a tour in Mataró or go back to the hostel and relax. Be aware that you are always welcome to join the group or enjoy any further activities by yourself.

Dance Course

Already from the 15th, we will start with the Intensive Dance Course. Lessons will be from 11:00 to 13:00 at La Clave Dance School until the 19th of July 2019. In total, there are 15 hours of classes for the whole course. From Thursdays after classes, Salsa School La Clave becomes a “Sala de Baile” from 23:00 to 1:00 and until 5:00 am during weekends. On Thursdays, they used to have “Practica” where the students stay to practice what they have learned and dance with others than come and dance a bit. On the 18th of July, before going back to Salsa School La Clave for dancing at night, let ́s go back and dine together at the hostel or at the “Chiringuitos” (small local restaurants located next to the beach).

The Chiringuitos offer authentic Mediterranean cuisine, tapas, paella and cocktails, accompanied by good, cozy music.

On Saturday the 20th, we will celebrate the last day of the dance course! We will arrange a place where we can go out and dine. After that, let’s go out dancing! Get ready because the dance floor opens late and the music plays all night long! On the 21st during the day, let ́s chill. We deserve it! But if we are ready for more dance during the night, Salsa Republic or La Clave in Mataró will have open doors for us!On the 22nd of July, the bus will come and get us back to the Airport. Time to say “Hasta luego to Mataró/see you in 2020”!

4-Payment Procedure. Example of extra costs Your Trip full amount: 10.500DKK

In Denmark: Amount of 6.750 DKK shall be paid after receiving confirmation to guarantee your place. From the payment of DKK 6.750, DKK 2.150 shall be sent to Daholff. The remaining balance of DKK 4.600 should be sent to La Perla. The balance sent to Daholff may increase if you wish to purchase extra services. These extra services might include travel insurance, changes in your name, travel date or extensions of your flight ticket. Be aware that the cost of extra services depends on how long in advance you order it. Therefore, we advise you to book any extra services as soon as you book your holiday.

The amount of 6.750 DKK is to cover the arrangement of your trip, your flight tickets, tourist tax, accommodation and breakfast.

Upon arrival in Spain, the rest of the balance (EUR 500 app.3750 DKK ) shall be paid at your arrival in Mataró to cover the expenses of the Dance School, the rent of the Dance School and the teacher’s Salary.

Once you have signed up for the trip, you will receive a T&C form specifying the payment terms. After receiving your payment, we will send you an email confirming your spot. You will also receive an invoice from Daholff with the final price depending on the services purchased.

Example of extra Costs:

Note: Please be aware these are approximate prices. La Perla Experience does not have influence on how the different establishments estimate their final prices.

Dance workshops at the evening classes at La Clave Dance School are 15 euros (around 112 DKK). Price also depends on what type of class you are participating in (group class or private class)

Lunch and dinner during your stay (5-10 euros around 74 DKK) (It also depends on what you would like to eat and how much)

Dinner and a drink during the final party (20 euros around 150 DKK) Sport center with pool (5 euros around 37 DKK)

Tickets for public transportation. 10 tickets for 1,0 euros, and 74 DKK.

Entrance to nightclubs, in general, is 12 euros (around 89 DKK) including 1 cocktail, soda or beer. The wardrobe is also included in the price.

NOTE: You should be aware that a detailed information sheet will be provided once you sign up for this holiday. When we get closer to departure at the info meeting, you will also get a timetable with a description of what will happen during the Summer Salsa School in Mataró-Barcelona

If you are interested in joining this dance adventure, please let us know as soon as possible – we have a limited number of places and will allocate them on a first come, first serve basis!


Barrio: Town

Calentar los motores: Starting to warm up Sala de Baile: Dance place

Chiringuitos: Small local restaurants Hasta Luego: See you

Some of the pictures by:

Ieva Utakyte, Alfredo Sanchez and Ramón Parladé Vilanova

References: Taken from the Hostel website and and the Ayuntamiento of Mataró.