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  • Basic

  • DKK 0,00

    five month
    • This membership is for you wanting to follow the activity in our community but still not having purchased one of our services (classes, trips or events). This memebership last for five month at a time. At the end of the five month you can purchase a full membership for 100,00 DKK. If you purchase one of our services your membership will move immediately to Premium, and you will be part of the community for one year at a time. The Premium memebership will be renewable once a year.
  • Premium

  • DKK 100,00

    one year
    • This memebership is ment for you that from the beginning are ready to buy at some point of the year some of our services, specially dance lessons and social events. This membership can be acquired by two different ways: It is fairly easy, place an order for the membership only, or just buy one of our products and “voila” you are part of the community. The Premium memebership will be renewable once a year. This membership will allow you to have discount when buying two classes in one season. It will also allow you to have discount in the tickets you purchase for La Perla Social Events. This membership give also access to the Members Account login section.