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Trip To Cuba from the 25th of March to the 10th of April 2020


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Terms Of Service

In case you wish to return your package:

To process the return, please send an email to, with the order number in the subject line.

Return costs to Spain, are held by the customer and it is the customer who is in charge if any damage occurs during transportation of the item.

You have up to 14 days to return your product and request a refund. Please be aware this 14 days period starts from receival date.

The item must be returned unused and in the same condition as it was received. As it is important the item in its original packaging is intact. Please send your item to the following address:

Good Step: Av. de Roma 12, Bjos.08015 Barcelona, Spain

At the moment, you can pick up your purchase at La Perla Dance Studio for free. In case you would like to get delivered your item to your private address, we will be happy to assist you with it. Please be aware we will charge you only for what the post office or a parcel box house request for this service. La Perla Dance Studio will not charge you extra for this assistance.



Pictures and videos taken by the La Perla Experience IVS’ crew during classes, trips, and events will be used later on for commercial purposes. If you do not wish to be in the videos or pictures, please let us know when you sign up for a class, trip or an event. If we do not receive a notification from you telling us otherwise, we will assume that this is an acknowledgment/accept.


The fact that you issue a payment for one of our services will be considered as an acceptance to the above mentioned terms.

We suggest you navigate our website, Facebook page or Instagram profile to get an idea of our promotional videos and pictures. We want you to look because you will also be part of La Perla Experience image. Remember you will be part of our Community.

The material resulting from the trips and events (pictures and videos) is property of La Perla Experience IVS even though you may appear on it. A selection of both pictures and videos will be published in terms decided by La Perla Experience crew, as a part of the communication strategy. We will treat the material with extreme responsibility and discretion. Only those images with the best quality will be selected. Only after making an accurate edition, the public will have access to them.

Please be advised that, by participating in our activities, you give permission to the La Perla Experience crew to use audio-visual material of you.


La Perla Experience usually brings to the trips and events at least one or two media collaborators. You will have the chance to meet them at the info meetings or actual events. Please be advised they are being hired by La Perla Experience for the making of the audio-visual material. If you, or any third party records during the Salsa lessons or any other activities are not La Perla Experience’s responsibility.

If wish to have some pictures specially from the trips, we highly advise you to bring your own digital devices.

As mentioned, our intention is creating high-quality material. Pictures and videos are going to be released by the La Perla Experience crew only after editing. Editing work can take more than three months.

Facebook Groups:

Our groups on Facebook are meant to be for informational and promotional purposes. In these groups, you can keep yourself updated about our different activities. Please be advised that the Facebook pages are mainly for informational purposes; posting private pictures and videos in some cases only; as well as getting in touch with other members for meeting and gathering. We want to create a positive and familiar atmosphere at the different groups. Any important questions or status shall be addressed (PRIVATELY) to our e-mail: or directly to the teachers, trip coordinators or events staff in the moment you may encounter something you may be uncomfortable with.

Please be advised that some of our groups may closed groups. So only those participants to a specific event, or trip, or class coming will have access to it. We reserve the right to announce when a member no longer will have access to the group. In this way, you will have the time to save/ download the pictures/videos we have uploaded. In case you wish to delete any of your postings, you are welcome to do so.

 About La Perla Dance Holidays:

Trips cancellations: In case of cancellation: only 20% of the full amount in DKK will be refundable. This will be taken from the deposit already paid. After a specific date set by La Perla Experience IVS, 100% of the payment is non-refundable. Our clients will receive a Terms and Conditions Form with the booking e-mail of their trips.

Clients must acknowledge that in case of natural disasters, cancellations from third parties, delays, or other inconveniences caused by the airlines, accommodations and external providers, it is not La Perla’s responsibility to ensure any refunded payments. It is a necessary requirement to have a comprehensive travel insurance that also covers the cancellation of your trip.

In case you may need a travel insurance, we recommend you contacting our travel agent and asking for recommendations.


Everyone traveling to Cuba must have a travel insurance bought from a recognized insurance company. Upon arrival, you should be able to present this insurance to the Cuban authorities (in English) if you are requested to do so. We advise you to buy a travel insurance with a cancellation insurance when you book your holiday in case you don ́t already have one. La Perla Experience cannot be held responsible for any problems that may be encountered if these rules are not followed.


The traveler is responsible for having a valid passport and that the name appearing in the travel documents are identical to the full name written in the passport. Please be aware that name corrections may have an additional charge.

 About Cuba:

We think it is extremely important you get well informed about the Cuban culture and restrictions before we get off to Cuba. There is no common internet in Cuba. In Cuba, people live day by day because nobody knows what is going to happen “mañana”. No one makes plans far ahead. Just to mention a few things.

The private houses rules (Casas particulares) on trips to Cuba:

The traveler is responsible for its own good behavior during the holiday and must abide with the rules of the house. Moreover, he/she must take responsibility if their actions cause damage to either the accommodation, transportation or other facilities accepting the costs of any damage. Please have a proper risk to third parties’ insurance in place.

For security reasons, visitors are allowed into the private houses, but under special circumstances only. Visits, and visitors’ access to the facility can be arranged with the owners, and during regular hours only (the owners set the standard for what “regular hours” will mean for them). The owners deserved the right of accepting the visitors, or not into their property. Only those who are registered in the house are authorized to enter the property at any time.

Note on trips to Cuba: Normally, guests will be accommodated in a double (shared) bed (in a standard room). In some cases, guests will be accommodated in groups of three or four (standard family room / group room). Remember we will be staying in private houses, not hotels. The standards are not the same you may be used to from western Air B&B and hotels.


Even though we are Cubans and we believe that we are the perfect link for arranging your trip to Cuba, we don’t claim to know EVERYTHING about Cuba. We do know it well enough to make your stay smooth and feel like home. In case you have any questions or concerns before or during the trip is very important you communicate this to us. If you think you can solve a situation you may encounter, you are more than welcome to give it a try, or else ask how to handle the situation. We would like to try finding the best possible solution for you.

If you meet anything during your trip which is not up to your expectations, you are responsible for informing us as soon as you are able to do so, in order for us to be able to correct it if possible.