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Early Bird until the 1st of September

Trip To Cuba from the 25th of March to the 10th of April 2020


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Summer Dance School in Denmark


Enjoy of instructive masterclasses fun dance workshops, beach party, entertaining festivity. A holiday full of Dance and Sunshine by the Danish coastline, just an hour drive from Copenhagen. Come and be a part of la Fiesta!

The program will cover the following topics:

*Topic 1: Included in the price

*Topic 2: Why Musholm?

*Topic 3: The Instructors and Assistants

*Topic 4: Program (please note changes can occur)

*Topic 5: Payment and Cancelation procedure

*Topic 6: Extra Costs. Other services and facilities provided.

*Topic 7: Transport. Covid-19

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Yanet Scriver

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1-Included in the Price

  • Early Birds

  • 5985 DKK

    Until the 1st of Juni 2021
  • Summer Dance School in Denmark from 8-13 August incl:

    Breakfast from the 9th to the 13th

    Lunch from the 9th to the 13th

    Dinner from the 8th to the 12th

    All workshops and Masterclasses

    All Parties

    Beach Party

    Share Room

    Incl Administration and Fee (Gebyr)

    NOTE: For caravans and home residents 4985 DKK (limited places available)


    From the 2nd of Juni, the price will be: 6185 DKK- for Share room

    and 5185 DKK for For caravans and home residents. 

    Incl Administration and Fee (Gebyr)



Restaurant Evald K



2-Why Musholm?

You will be supporting a good cause…making a difference!

With the expansion of Musholm, the Danish Muscular Dystrophy Foundation has created attractive holiday and leisure experiences in a new and innovative manner where activities can be adapted to individual skills, ambitions, and functions.

The vision is to create a resort, which architectural design embraces diversity by encouraging increased participation, interaction, collectivism, learning, and social interaction, thereby helping to create a more diverse society. A holiday resort that is no longer “only” for people with neuromuscular diseases but for all. 

Other Facilities: 

There is also parking facilities in front and around Musholm. Close to the gym, there are also changing rooms with shower for both man and woman. Right by the beach, there is also a little beach room where you can change clothes and get ready to get in the water!

The place is very close to public transportation.

Get the feeling!

3-Meet the instructors and assistants participating at your Summer Dance School


Lexis and Pedro

IMG-0724 (1)

Diana Rodríguez

Domi Wrzesiok


Julio Nápoles


Camila Marietta


DJ Mac


Reinier Leme



Daniela Horta


Steffen Tofthøj


Sabine Laulund


Caspa and Becca


Eliel Lazo

Yeziel Lazo

Yosvany Torres

IMG-0665 (1)

Chris Ferrara

IMG-0624 (1) (1)

Nicola Franks

Susanne Andresen


A Summer Dance School probably for all levels and taste!

We count on a group of instructors able to perform at different levels and styles and we want to use that in our favor in order to arrange a more complete dance program for you! At the School, we will have workshops for beginners, Intermediate 1 and 2 and Advanced.

The dance Styles you will experience are going to be among others: -Salsa, Afro, Son, Chachachá, and Reggaetón, Bachata Sensual and Dominican and Kizomba and Urban Kiz.


As a complement, we will have Morning Yoga and Latin Stretching, to make your body smoother and ready for more dance!

We will also have Footwork, Partner Work, Man and Ladies Style classes at all levels. So if you are signing in without a partner there will still be pretty good options for you! Due to Covid -19 changes can occur on the program, but we will always try to find the best available solution for all of us!

Highlights. Important to know

-On the 9th of August, Already that day, we will start with a super good energy! If you are a beginner then we can well recommend you Chris Salsa workshops during the morning and in the afternoons tried cha cha chá traditional with Yosvany Torres. It will be educational and fun! If you are in love with bachata, we invite you to Caspar and Becca’s workshops. Last but not least, if you feel good getting sweat on your forehead and getting your puls up, then you can not miss Lexis and Pedro’s workshops.

Highlights. Important to know

-On the 10th of August we are going to have Diana Rodriguez in the house. “The floor will be on fire”! Do not miss it!

On the 11th of August (if the weather allows) we will hold our cozy beach party! So get ready to la fiesta! There will be both dance competitions and the awarding of prizes to the group with the nicest beach corner. So just let your imagination run wild, bring all your colorful beach gadgets, beach chairs, colorful umbrellas and lanterns for the most festive decoration and jump in the floral Hawaiian shirt and accessories! Make your fantasy fly!

On the 12th of August, music interpretation workshop for all levels. Get to know some of the secrets that can help you to improve your musical understanding. In other words, you will learn more about how to translate the music into moves!

We will also have a big party so if you have a friend who wants to be a part of la fiesta can join us for dinner, show and party. We hope the Covid 19 situation will be under control by then, so that must be celebrated! More detailed information (price and program) for the gala party will follow.

-On the 13th of August at the last workshop we want to end the event with lots of positive energy and fun! We will introduce all of you to the most popular street dance in Cuba. “CONGA” That day dress with lots of colors just like a carnival!

At the School, you will enjoy of instructives workshops for all levels but at the same time, there will be time in the afternoons to relax by the beach, take a walking tour or a private class. Remember it is holiday!

5: Payment and Cancelation Procedure



Cancellation before 1st of June: If you cancel your participation before June 1st, you will get back the paid course amount minus an administration fee of DKK 400.

Cancellation after 1st of June: If you cancel after 1st of June, you will lose the full course amount. Please be aware that you can sell your ticket to another participant, but it must be notified to us (only) via mail.

In case the Summer Dance School has to be canceled then you will get the full amount BACK minus transaction fee for transferring the amount back abroad or in DK

Insurance: In case you have to cancel, then we will recommend you to purchase a cancellation insurance at your insurance company. La Perla Experience is not able to sell cancelation insurance.

Come and be a part of this new experience… not to be missed!

6: Extra Costs. Other services.

At the Summer Salsa School, almost everything is included in the price. You just need to have some pocket money for drinksand if you want to purchase the event t-shirt.

You can also book some time to relax and lose up your muscle with our massage therapist.

Interest in a private lesson with one of the instructors? Ask the Summer Dance School desk and they will help you to arrange it.

*Topic 7: Transport

Ferie · Sport · Konference is located at: 

Musholmvej 100 4220 Korsør

How to get there by flight, train and taxi

By flight From Copenhagen Airport: Please take the regional train until Copenhagen Central Station and then change to Intercity train (take a look under below for more info). It takes only one hour to get to the center.

From Billund it takes approximately two hours and a half. At Billund, there you take the bus 43 towards Vejle get off at Vejle Trafic Center. Then take the intercity train and get off at  Odense st. At the end, take the Intercity train towards Østerport st and get off at Korsør. 

By train From the Copenhagen, Central St  take the Intercity train toward  Esbjerg and Aalborg st. Get off at Korsør st and walk 14 min to Musholm. If you would like to take a taxi instead then it will take you only 3 min to get there. 

By taxi you can call them at +45 48 48 48

COVID-19: COVID-19:  We hope that the COVID-19 situation will be under Control for the summer. We believe there is a better chance for the authorities to have opened up the country by then. When getting closer to the school, we will inform you about what method we will use when welcomed you at the School (it could for example be  PCR-test) to safely celebrate our Summer Salsa School.

This Summer, give yourself a nice dance Holiday experience, you deserve it!