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Latin Street Group B


Latin Street is Back with Oline Madsen.


Latin Street class Group A is thought for teenagers. Is your son or daughter under 14 or over 18 years old, please ask them to join us anyway and we will find out together which group will be on the best interest for them. 


When: We will be dancing every Tuesday from 19:00-20:00

Price: One season contains 6 classes for 550 DKK

Place: Ravnsborgvej 3, 4600 Køge

Discounts: If you are taking two classes in the same season (like for example Latin Street B and A) there will be a discount of 100 DKK


More Information under description down below



Start: January 7, 2020 From: 19:00 to 20:00

Latin Street Group B #1



At the class, Oline will put particular emphasis on sharpness and grooviness. You don’t want to miss it!

What are the benefits of joining this class:

You will learn how to move in coordination with the music

You will get some tips that will help you be on the beat

You will learn about body isolation, posture and losing up

You will make new friends!

You will get informed about parties and dance workshops.

You will feel more happy and energetic.


What to wear at this class:

Comfortable clothes and sneakers are recommended. If you have any questions about what to wear just contact us before the season starts. Otherwise, you will hear about it at the first class.


NOTE: Please be advised it is not allowed to wear wet or dirty shoes at the Dance Studio. There is a facility for changing clothes and shoes at the Dance studio if you wish to do that.

How long is the season and what is the price:

Normally a season will be 6 times classes, but on Christmas, Easter and Summer period, the season can be extended two more classes.

6 Times Season will cost 550 DKK per person

8 Times Season will cost 750 DKK per person


If you are taking two classes in the same season (like for example Latin Street B and A) there will be a discount of 100 DKK

Which day:

Every Tuesday from 19:00-20:00

What will happen at the end of the season:

We aim for the students start feeling much more in contact with their body and actually notice they have a better understanding of the music. Students will also get some feedback from the teacher so that they can go home and practice to improve. The participants will also tell the teacher whether they prefer repeating the same class or just trying out another class like for example Ladies Style

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