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Salsa For Ladies (Intermediate 2)


If you are joining this level is because you are in control of the basic Salsa steps and timing. In this class, we will keep on working with musicality and continue learning new more elaborate steps. These steps you can use late on when dancing alone or with a dance partner. We will also work on how to mix Salsa with other Dance Styles like chacha, Son and Rumba


When: Every Monday (From the 17th of February to the 23rd of March 2020)

Time: From 20:20-21:20

Place: Gymnasievej 21, 4600 Køge


Discounts: If you are a  premium member and you are taking two classes in the same season ( for example ladies style and partner work) then you will have a discount of 150 DKK for the second class.

Please be aware you should choose the discount option only one time!

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For more information please take a look at “Description” down below



Looking for more challenges? Then you may be on the right course!

What are the benefits of joining this class:

You will learn more about coordination and timing.

You will learn how to move smoother and more elegantly

You will learn about body isolation, posture and loosening up

You will get to know about the Cuban culture throughout the Dance

You will meet new people having the same passion

You will get informed about parties, dance workshops and dance trips to Cuba and Spain

You will love the fact that when dancing you are totally disconnected from everyday life

And will love going home more happy and energetic!

What to wear to this class:

Comfortable shoes and clothes are recommended. We advise against sandals and gum soles. You need to be able to move smoothly and securely. We do not want your soles to stick to the floor when turning. Shoes with soft soles are the best! If you are still in doubt, please contact us!

NOTE: Please be advised it is not allowed to wear wet or dirty shoes at the Dance Studio. There is a facility for changing clothes and shoes at the Studio if you wish to do that.

How long is the season and what is the price: 

Normally, a season will be 6 classes, but on Christmas, Easter and Summer period, the season will be extended two more classes.

6 Times Season will cost 650 DKK per person

8 Times Season will cost 850 DKK per person


If you are taking two classes in the same season (for example, Ladies Style and Salsa Partner Work), there will be a discount of 150 DKK.

Which day:

Every Tuesday from 20:20-21:20

What will happen at the end of the season:

At the end of the season, you will start feeling much more in contact with your body and notice you have a better understanding of the music. Learning a new step it is not as difficult as it maybe was at the beginning when you started the course. Students will also get some feedback from the teacher so that you can go home and practice to improve. You are more than welcome taking the same class again, or try out our partner work courses. Remember learning to Dance Salsa is like learning any new skill. All you need is practice, practice and practice.

Did you know that…

Yanet, your dance instructor graduated from the national school of Art in Cuba? And that the theater and dance technique she learned are implemented at our dance classes? Our goal is that you get better at expressing yourself, to boost your self-confidence, to develop your imagination and concentration, and of course to have FUN!

“Salsa Ladies Style…more than being sensual and feminine”