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Early Bird until the 1st of September

Trip To Cuba from the 25th of March to the 10th of April 2020


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Dance Holiday in Cuba 2020


Join us from the 25th of March to the 10th of April 2020. Next year we are going to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and we want to party together with you!

You don’t want to miss this trip! Join us from Scandinavia!

In regards to our 5th Anniversary, we have got the unique opportunity to extend our stay one more night at a price of 250 DKK extra per person. It could not be better!


Last minute 19.750 DKK  (shared room) FROM the 2nd of NOVEMBER 2019


Payment procedure. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Amount of 12.850DKK (early birds) shall be paid after receiving a confirmation to guarantee your place.


From the payment of 12.850 DKK 6.400 DKK should be sent as first deposit to La Perla Experience’s account. – DKK 6.450 shall be sent directly to “Dalhoff Travel” Agency latest 7 days after the first installment. Our travel Agent will contact you.


NOTE: The Holiday in Cuba 2020 is a collaboration of La Perla Experience with the following providers: Dalhoff Travel A/S, Gaviota Tours, Casa Nenita, Casa La Rosa, and La Casa del Son Dance School

For more information about the trip please take a look under description further down.


Start: March 25, 2020 at 09:50 Finish: April 10, 2020 at 19:00

Dance Holiday in Cuba 2020 #1



The Program will cover the following topics:

*Topic 1: SUMMARY
*Topic 2: Why Cuba?
*Topic 3: Why choosing this Holiday in Cuba?
*Topic 4: What is included in the price and the payment procedure
*Topic 5: Extra Costs. What is not included in the price. Other services and facilities provided.
-Contact -Vocabulary (words to know)

Topic 1: Holiday in Cuba 2020 Summary

The Holiday in Cuba is for anyone who would like to disconnect from everyday life, the internet, and follow-ups on your private and work calendar. Come and be in contact with beautiful nature, the authentic Cuban people, a tropical beach, and finally but most important, YOURSELF. Everyone is welcome, so tell your family or friends. They are welcome on board too! This Holiday is for you dancers who would like dancing with others in a new place, and for you non-dancers who like seeing others dance. Yes, because in Cuba we love to dance and all that comes with it!

Included in the full trip Early birds 18.750 DKK (shared room) UNTIL the 1st of NOVEMBER 2019

• Info meeting in Denmark before departure
• Visa
• Flight tickets with Air France and KLM t/r. We will take off with Air France on the 25th of March at 09:50. Estimated arrival time in Havana 18:35.
• Transfer to Viñales on the 25th of March
• A soda or juice and a sandwich during our trip to Viñales
• Accommodation in Viñales from the 25th of March (check-in) to the 29th of March (check out)
• Breakfast in Viñales during the 5 days stay
• Transfer back to Havana on the 29th of March
•Dance Course at La Casa del Son from Monday the 30 of March to Friday the 3rd of April from 11:00-13:30
• Accommodation in Havana city from 29th of March (check-in) to the 9th of April (check out)
• Breakfast during the 11 days stay.
• Transportation during our stay in Havana on scheduled times, from the 30th of March to the 3rd of April. (Available to/from the dance classes, plus arranged group tours to dancing places and to/from the city center)
• Transfer back to the airport on the 9th of April. We will be arriving in Denmark on the 10th of April with KLM. Estimated time 11:05 am.

NOTE: The Holiday in Cuba 2020 is a collaboration of La Perla Experience with the following providers: Dalhoff Travel A/S, Gaviota Tours, Casa Nena, Casa La Rosa, and La Casa del Son Dance School

A new experience not to be missed!


Topic 2Why Traveling to Cuba?

Cuba is one of the few countries in the world which still today keeps making a difference among the rest. There is no doubt that the majority feel attracted not only to our rum, coffee, and tobacco but to other less touristy things, for example, our people. In Cuba, you live day by day. Nobody knows what is going to happen “mañana” … “What you cannot do today, you do it mañana.”

We think it is a very good philosophy to disconnect from work and extremely well-planned, day-to-day activities. For those who are open for the unexpected and wanna get surprised, just go with the flow… you are welcome on the boat! Let’s have LOTS OF FUN!


Topic 3Why choose this Holiday?

A– Because of our background, because we are locals, because we love planning your Holiday. We believe we are the perfect link for arranging your trip to Cuba. We were locals, and at the same time, we got to get better the Nordic culture and how to accommodate it more and more every day, on every trip we arrange. We try doing what we are best at – helping you live in the moment, creating FUN every day whenever possible, and creating an experience to remember when you come back from our Holiday.

We can’t say that we know everything there is to know about Cuba, but our knowledge is enough to make your stay smooth and feel like at home. Experiencing a city with a local guide will make your holiday more authentic. Besides that, we speak the language and have good insight of the culture, local people, customs, and traditions. In this way, we will provide you with a more personal, custom-made experience from beginning to end. Furthermore, with us, you will experience some surprises – “a little extra”- which is difficult to describe. Maybe others who have joined our trips before can explain it better than we can. There’s just something magical about Cuba! Join this adventure and find out what it is.

We try planning the trip to the best possible detail, so you get the best of our experience and do not need to worry about too many things in this new and different place. We not only plan the trip… we also travel with you!

During the 15-day stay, we will all get to know each other like one, big family. So keep in mind that, from the first moment, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and at home! Moreover, you will experience the charm of the Cuban culture, second to none, and get a better understanding of Salsa among other Cuban dances.

B– We will be living in two different locations: Viñales Valley and Havana City. The perfect combination of experiencing nature, privacy, interaction with the locals, and lots of sun. Once in La Habana Airport, there will be a bus waiting for us which will take us directly to Viñales Pinar del Rio-Cuba. Close to nature and Cuban traditions, we will enjoy the majestic view of the Mogotes mountains that characterize the landscape around the area, its tobacco and coffee plantation with an excursion with horses, accompanied with a local “Veguero” and more.
At Casa Nenita, you will feel the incomparable “calor del guajiro” and taste the typical homemade coconut and guava marmalade with homemade, fresh cheese. Nothing better than this! Nenita’s place is just situated in the center of Pinar del Rio and close to all well-known Viñales Valley’s attractions.


In Havana City, we will keep working in collaboration with La Rosa. La Casa is situated 20 minutes by car from the city center (for reference Parque Central) on the highest point of the city. There, you can be amazed by the beautiful 360-degree view of the centuries-old Havana town. On top of that, you will get surprised by the good service provided by the owners and their staff, that just leave you with the feeling of wanting to come back. Then there’s the cafeteria and gardens that complement the property … It cannot be better!

C-Because of the possibility of having a great Dance Experience with the locals, and experienced teachers from LA CASA DEL SON. The good humor and the contagious, positive energy they have every time they are teaching make them special, not to mention their incomparable “tumbao”!


D-Because everything is arranged for you. The Holiday in Cuba 2020 has been put together with the intention of offering something different for you dance lovers of all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and adventurers. We want you to be part of something unique and memorable!
Here you can enjoy a pleasant stay, build up relations with other participants, and meet the locals from Cuba. To ensure the preparation of your trip runs smoothly, we have arranged it in collaboration with Dalhoff Travel A/S to book your flight tickets, visa and transfers. Our accommodation also includes breakfast.

More to know

On the 6th and 7th of April 2020, we are going to have two open days. During the open days, you will be able to do other kinds of activities on your own or in a smaller group. You could continue taking extra dance workshops or simply chill and rest by the pool. We will inform you closer to the trip whether there will be an organized activity for us to do together. Of course, you are free to participate or not.

On the 8th, we are going to have a pool party together with some of the teachers from La Casa del Son and Paso a Paso Dance Company. That Will be an information and playful Day! So get ready its time to party!

On the 9th of April, the bus will come and take us back to the airport. Time to say “Hasta luego to Havana, see you in 2021”!
No excuses for you not to chill and be happy!


Topic 4: Payment procedure. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Amount of 12.850DKK shall be paid after receiving confirmation to guarantee your place.

From the payment of 12.850 DKK,  6.400 DKK should be sent as the first deposit to La Perla Experience’s account. DKK 6.450, – shall be sent directly to the Travel Agency Dalhoff Travel latest 7 days after the first installment. Our travel agent will contact you and will let you know where to send the payment.

The balance sent to Dalhoff Travel may increase if you purchase extra services. These extra services can be, for example, travel insurance, health insurance, changes in your name, travel date, or extensions of your flight ticket. Be aware that the cost of the extra services depends on how long in advance you order them. Therefore, we advise you to book all the extra services as soon as you book your holiday.

The rest of the balance EUR 925 (app. 6900 DKK) shall be paid upon your arrival in Cuba to cover direct payments to the B&B in Viñales and Havana, and the transportation services in Havana.

Every participant will receive a T&C form once you have signed up for the trip specifying the payment terms. Once we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation of it from La Perla. You will also receive an invoice from Dalhoff Travel with the final price depending on the services purchased.


Topic 5: Example of extra Costs:

-La Perla 5th Anniversary Gala Party! Next year we are having our 5th Anniversary and we will love to celebrate with you. You should get ready for a delicious night. Fuld of nice experiences, good food, live orchestra and we will do our best for creating with you the happiest and fun Latino atmosphere. More information will follow. Dress Code: SEXY LATINO-DRESS TO IMPRESS!

Private Classes at La Casa del Son from 20-25 CUC (128-160 DKK per hour). Please be aware this is an approximate price.
-Lunch and dinner during the 15-days including the 9th of April. You can calculate around 75 -260 DKK on a meal per day. (It also depends on what you would like to eat and drink, and for how much)
-Taxi, one-way for example, is 15 DKK during the day (one person) or share taxi (4-5 pax). The whole taxi could be up 190 DKK. Very late at night, it can be up to 260 DKK for the whole taxi (4-5 pax). The price of the taxi depends on the distance and at what time of the day you take it.
-Entrance to nightclubs from 40 DKK to 170 DKK, when it is a good orchestra. The wardrobe is usually included in the price.
Travel- health insurance including health insurance. PLEASE contact a professional company to advise you on what type of insurance will fits you best. La Perla Experience is not providing this cain of Services.

-Laundry services


Other Services and Facilities provided:
Snack Bar
Swimming pool


Vocabulary/ Contact (words to know)


“What you cannot do today, you do it Mañana”: Meaning that you should be open to surprises. We want you to let go of control and take things as they come. Cubans love to improvise and sometimes the best experiences come from there. So, as we mentioned before – go with the flow!

Hasta luego: See you tomorrow

Mogotes. Big elevations like mountains. Generally, you can find them in tropical regions where it rains a lot like in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Veguero: Is the person who works with tobacco

“calor del guajiro”: Guajiro is the Cuban noun given to a person who lives/works in the countryside of Cuba. The guajiros are extremely friendly. With them, you feel welcomed.

La Casa Particular: Private Home

Tumbao: When we talk about tumbao, we are not only talking about rhythm, but of the sensual way someone move, walk or dance.


If you would like to join this holiday, please reply as soon as possible, we will use the principle first come, first served. For calling: 30 58 6100 For signing in now, please click on “BOOK A TRIP”

We look forward to traveling with you,

Team La Perla Experience

Pictures: by Maria Mathilde Photography


Next year give yourself a good present, a nice travel Experience!