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Our Identity

Being Cuban is our identity, our origin, our trade-mark, and our brand. We’ve learned from childhood to celebrate what we have today and still aim for better in the future.

Our logo represents who we are and where we come from. The pearl inside the seashell represents Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. In the Afro-Cuban culture, both the seashell and the sea are associated to Yemayá, who is the goddess ruling the seas and a symbol of maternity and fertility. The pearl represents elegance, value and beauty. Everything the pearl represents is what we stand for and what we would like to transmit with every service-product that we sell.

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Get To Know Us

We are Cubans. Brother and sister. Motivated and passionate professionals with experience in service management, tourism and hospitality, able to provide unforgettable experiences from beginning to end.

La Perla Experience specializes in the organization of events as well as planning of dance holidays to Cuba and Spain. Our Dance Studio, which is also part of our quarry of services, is located in Køge, where we practice exclusively Cuban Salsa. At the moment, class levels are from beginner to intermediate for both youths and adults.

Our mission is to deliver authentic and unique experiences while making every single moment exclusive for you. We collaborate with innovative photographers, video producers, and other artists such as dance instructors and musicians, who help us make the moment memorable for you. La Perla Experience offers a guided service but engages our guests by inviting them to be co-producers of our experiences. This is what we are known for.

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Aurora Monge- Dance shoes designer

La Perla Experience is proud to welcome Aurora to the team! Handmade dance shoes! What’s not to like! Aurora Monge is originally from Barcelona-Spain. She has dedicated a long period of her dance carrier to Classical dance and Jazz. However, she always felt very attracted to the Salsa!

When going out dancing she was asked quite often about where she got her dance shoes from? People did get very surprised when she said she designed them herself! She realised people wanted to wear the shoes she had on, so she decided to start designing for the public as she was designing the best one for herself! Currently she is fully dedicated to the world of salsa.

She designs and sales at “Good Steps” (her company) not only dance shoes but also accessories. As a photographer and graphic designer, she understands what creativity and exclusivity means, which is why each of her shoes shows style and beauty. Her designs will make you feel unique, beautiful and comfortable. Ready to shine, and rock the Dance Floor?!


How it all started

La Perla Experience is a family-owned business with an unusual story.

After a couple of years being married in Denmark, Yanet wanted to celebrate her marriage and new life with family and friends back home in Cuba. As it turned out, the couple’s friends in Denmark wanted to come celebrate too! They were interested in experiencing her culture and dancing the Cuban way.
The busy bride set out to organized a group trip and dance lessons for her Danish friends and family, taking care of every detail! Meanwhile, she also planned her own dream wedding! In the end, she hosted 30 friends from Denmark, organized a wedding for 100 friends and family AND walked down the aisle in the dress she’d always dreamed of and said ‘I do’ with her true love.

Back in Copenhagen, her professor at Copenhagen Business Academy urged Yanet to use this experience for her thesis. What would happen if she blended her love and knowledge of Cuba, her passion and knowledge of dance and her talent for teaching, hospitality and organizing?
Long story short, she took her professor’s advice. Overcoming obstacles and learning a lot about the legality of starting a business in Denmark as a foreigner, Yanet founded La Perla Experience! What started as a dream wedding became a dream came true and a cozy dance community connecting Denmark, Cuba and Spain.
In total, La Perla Experience has hosted 6 International Dance Holidays and taught hundreds of people in Denmark to love Dance. It’s been a lot of hard work but when you’ve planned a dance holiday AND a wedding from a thousand miles away, like Yanet has, it seems only natural!


Official Address Diget 14, 4600 Køge Denmark.

Dance Studio: Gymnasievej 21, 4600 Køge Denmark.
The Dance Studio is located in the heart of Køge Centrum close to shops, restaurants and the public transportation.

We hope to see you there. Let’s dance!

Become Part of La Perla Dance Community

Sign in today for one of our classes and learn more about what La Perla Dance Community can offer… Let’s celebrate life!

-Make new friends when traveling
-Be part of memorable events
-Connect with others with the same interest
-Get more in touch with your body and mind
-Attend exclusive Dance Workshops taught by experienced dance instructors
You will love the fact that, when dancing, you are totally disconnected from everyday life and will love going home every time with a big smile!


 “We are proud of our partners who help us deliver high-quality service”